Do you have limited time but you want to see as much as possible? Would you like to see the highlights of Czech Republic in one day? 

In this case this tour is just perfect for you – Kutná Hora and Český Krumlov, both amazing towns, inscribed as a UNESCO Heritage Site, are possible to visit in one day. It’s gonna be a swift visit, but you will see them both!

In the morning we will head firstly to Kutná Hora. This town used to be very important city in the past due to the mining of the silver in mediaeval times. Once it was the second biggest city in terms of population besides Prague.  Nowadays it is a laid-back town with an impressive cultural heritage. The Historical Town Centre, including the Church of St. Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995.

During our visit we will visit The Sedlec Ossuary which is truly a unique and impressive bone church. According to the legend, back in 13th century a monk came back from the Jerusalem with a Holy soil and sprinkled it on the local cemetery. Since then the burial ground was considered holy and became a very popular. Over 40 000 people were buried at the cemetery in mediaeval age. But in the 15th century the cemetery was abolished, the bones were exhumed and stored in the church’s lower chapel. Another story says that it was a half-blind monk who stoked them into the bizarre pyramids ornaments and decorations which we might see nowadays.

The Cathedral of St. Barbara – the symbol of Kutná Hora and the jewel of the Late Gothic. The splendor of its structure is tangible testament of the fame and riches of the silver town Kutná Hora and the deep devotion of its creators. The cathedral is dedicated to the virgin Barbara - a patron of all who carry on a dangerous occupation and especially miners. The beginning of the structure started in 14th century by Peter Parler’s workshop (the one who also worked on St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle). The construction was temporarily suspended in the mid-16th century when Kutná Hora ran out of the silver. The centuries that followed brought a wave of reconstructions in various architectural styles – mostly baroque and novo gothic.  

After the lunch in Kutná Hora we will head south east to Český Krumlov. The journey will take us about 2,5 hours but the road and the countryside is quit scenic so you won’t get bored or disappointed. 

The history can be felt in Český Krumlov on every step – old historical houses with gothic, renaissance or baroque architecture styles, cobble stone streets – polished and naturally worn by the millions of footsteps it has weathered through the centuries, the majestic Castle which peaks up above the town with its splendor beauty. 

This town will get you with its romantic vibe and the history will hit you! We will wonder in the picturesque cobblestone streets of the town with small shops and cozy cafés. Then we will visit the castle complex with numerous of courtyards and amazing architecture. There are amazing views from there to the city and on the meandering Vltava river.

In the evening we will get back to Prague or we can drop you off in Český Krumlov as well.



UNESCO Heritage Sites in only one day

The Sedlec Ossuary

Český Krumlov castle

St. Barbara nad Sedlec cathedral

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Easy walking

Suitable for all age

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: closed shoes, waterproof jacket or umbrella and ID

For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van


Only 2,5 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 12-13 hours

Pick up time around 7:30AM

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