Do you want to visit Český Krumlov, the most famous UNESCO heritage site beside Prague? Do you want to see a traditional south bohemian village with a long history but still inhabited by Czech villagers? Do you want to see two UNESCO heritage sites in one day and still get back to Prague in the evening? It that case, this tour is just perfect for you. 

First stop will be in Holašovice village, a UNESCO heritage site which origin dates back to the 13th century. The arrangement of the square indicates that the village was founded on the so-called greenfield site within the colonization efforts in the border region of South Bohemia. Nowadays it consists of 23 farmhouse protected by UNESCO and more or less 140 inhabitants who lived in the village permanently. The characteristic appearance of the buildings and the village comes from the 19th century and it’s called a Peasant baroque. Vivid and richly decorated and colorful farmhouses with unique shapes and pattern of this style can’t be found anywhere else. Besides the beautiful architecture style, the history of the village is also very interesting. The village has been almost wiped out by the plaque in the 16th century and only two inhabitants survived. Later on the village has been inhabited mostly by the German population until the end of the 2WW when they were expelled to Germany. In the 20th century the tendency to preserved and restored the houses and buildings prevailed and so nowadays we can admire the beautiful architecture and traditional set up which remain here already for the centuries.

Afterwards we will continue in the Český Krumlov. The journey will take us in the beautiful nature and rural set up of the South Bohemia, with a meadows, fields with castles and horse farms and hilly scenery on the horizon.

Český Krumlov is a historic town with magnificent castle and meandering river Vltava. Its origin dates back to the middle ages. Its renaissance and baroque appearance was determinated mostly by the three family dynasties: The Lords of Rosenberg, Eggenberg and Schwarzenberg. In the history, the town was divided into two parts, first one Latrán was just underneath the Castle and its existence was connected mostly with ensuring the economic operation of the Castle and the second part of the town which was founded on the greenfield over the river Vltava with its characteristic square in the center. In the history the town laid down on the crossroad between the Czech, Austrian, Bavaria and Northern Italiand lands and so it was naturally inhabited by Czech and German population, partly Italians and later on with Jews as well. You can see the influence of these different cultures that have left their marks on the town.

We will enter the historic town by the gate which remained from the historic fortification. We will visit the enormous castle complex with amazing views to the town and Vltava River. We will walk through the baroque gardens and picturesque cobblestone streets of Latrán with cozy shops and cafés. The lunch will be served in a traditional restaurant with Czech cuisine. Later on we will pass the river and we will continue to the second part of the town. We will visit its main square with stalls and renaissance houses and the church of St. Vitus which was founded in the 13th century. But the highlight of Český Krumlov is definitely just to walk and wonder in its old streets and soaking up the splendid artwork that is everywhere around you and the old times full of history.  

In the evening we will get back to Prague or we can drop you off anywhere in Český Krumlov as well.



2 UNESCO Heritage Sites in only one day

UNESCO village Holašovice with unigue Peasant Baroque

Český Krumlov castle

Česky Krumlov Old Town

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Easy walking

Suitable for all age

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: closed shoes, waterproof jacket or umbrella and ID

For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van


Only 2 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 10 hours

Pick up time around 8:30AM

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