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Šumava, a secret tourist destination

Only few places in Central Europe offer such a harmonious and peaceful landscape as the Šumava National park, situated in the region of South Bohemia on the borders with Germany and Austria. The great combination of centuries-old primaeval forest, crystal clear glacial lakes, wild river valleys, isolated patches of the original mixed forests and mysterious peat bogs creates an poetic mosaic which certainly promise an authentic holidays.

Šumava national park: once restricted area, nowadays a well preserved national park. If only the forest can speak about the taught history! After the World War II. the german - speaking inhabitants were expelled from this area and Šumava dense forest became a deserted zone along the Eastern Bloc border. Since the border was closed, Šumava hidden forests became convenient way for smuggling goods and many people get there with a hope to cross the border to the West. Not everyone was successful and we can only guess the sad stories of the people on escape. But let’s close this black chapter of czech nation and move to the 90’ when the area of the Šumava forests was declared as a national park and it has been also protected as a biosphere reserve of UNESCO since then.

Red fox, a frequent resident of Šumava national park

"The great combination of primaeval forest, glacial lakes and mysterious peat bogs creates an poetic mosaic which promise an authentic holidays. "

The main purpose of the Park is to protect and preserve the unique natural sites, so far undisturbed by human activity, and to guarantee their further development. Parts of precious area are also used for recreation and low-impact tourism which must be environment-friendly and thus not affect natural development. The territory of the Park is divided into three zones, depending on the level of protection. The most precious 1st zone (strictly natural) is left to itself without human interference, the 2nd zone (controlled natural) includes forest and agricultural ecosystems partly affected by human activity and finally the 3rd (marginal) zone allows more intensive exploitation by people.

Whether you decide to visit deep primaeval forest, glacial lake, river valleys or one of the mountain villages, you won’t be disappointed. Šumava national park is truly a gem in a perspective of Czech republic or even whole central Europe!

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