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River Vydra

Do you need to charge your batteries outside in the forest? Do you like calming places with endless green forests all around?


In that case our hiking tour along Vydra river is just perfect for you!


We will guide you to the heart of the Šumava national park where we have prepared an easily accessible 8 kilometres long hiking trail. The trail has been also named the Pearl of the Šumava and it became a the river Vydra became a great inspiration for many czech artists, poets and writers!

But back to us, we will start off in the parking lot Čeňkova pila from where well maintained unsealed road keeps following the river Vydra. The sound of the bubbling stream will be omnipresent and it will become a great mantra for the rest of the tour. Sometimes the path goes further from the river and besides the stream you can also hear the singing of the resident birds. In both cases you will definitely feel how the simplicity of the nature calms you down and how great purifying effect it has.


Vydra river appears in the beautiful canyon valley and it is pathed with huge granite boulders. The story tells they have been brought here by the giants itselves! Vydra forms a forested and rocky slopes and you can even expect numerous of cascades on the way. You will appear in the first zone of the national park Šumava, the best preserved part of the nature without any unnecessary human interference. In the past the valley wasn’t very easy to reach so it resisted the human civilization for a long period. At the end of the 18th century the logging began although the transportation of the wood wasn’t easy due to the huge boulders and insufficient water in the river. So in 1888 the road has been built there and since then the valley is easily accessible for public. But of course motor vehicles and bikes are forbidden in order to preserve the great nature around and to let the visitors enjoy the great walk.


Just in the half of the tour you will find a Turner cottage - a mountain cabin where you can get some basic food and drink. It has been built just few metres from the river so it offers a great spot to rest while listening to the sound of the endless stream. There is also a terasse for sunny days to soak up some vitamin D. After the short break we will continue to the end of the walk. As we walk higher with every step you can see small changes in the forest like a lichen on the trees and mild drop of the temperature. The river Vydra will be your companion until the very end of the tour to the Antýgl parking lot from where we will continue with a car to the next stop. One thing we can guarantee you - you will be leaving lighter and happier - because there is a magical purifying effect of this river, we got to tell you!

After hike we will make a stop for a lunch in a beautiful village Modrava. Traditional Czech meal with vegetarian option is provided plus a great view from the restaurant terrasse in sunny days is guaranteed. After the lunch we will visit one of the natural peat-bogs - Chalupská slať - a place very typical for this region. Peat- bogs in the Šumava national park formed during the last glacial period and they offer a great example of the past natural process. We will have a look and walk along the wooden-foot pathways. Chalupská slať is magical and the quietness all around is very powerful.



Walk along mountain stream Vydra with huge granite boulders

Numerous of cascades and waterfalls

Typical mountain architecture

Stunnig views along your walks

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Easy walk up to 3 hours

Suitable for all age

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: closed shoes, waterproof jacket or umbrella and ID


River Vydra

For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van


Only 2,5 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 12-13 hours

Pick up time around 7:30AM

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