Renaissance square in Telč

Escape the crowds, go to Moravia

Are you the culture admirer? Have you already seen most of the famous places in Czechia and now you want to visit something else? Or are you just tired of the tourist crowds and you want to escape it just for a while?

We promise you… This trip will take you to the places undiscovered by the tourists, with a vibrant culture and authentic vibe!

From Prague we will head to Telč, a fairy tale town situated in the Moravia. The town center has been inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List in 1992 and it represents a great architectural jewel. The history of this laid-back town dates back to the 12th century but after the big fire, which hit the town in the 16th century, the whole city center had to be renovated again. And so a Telč Château and beautiful renaissance and baroque houses with arcades and richly decorated gables has been built at the main square. You will be charmed by their vibrant colors and beautiful patters. The town is surrounded by the fish ponds and city gates and so you can easily explore it all. We will have a tasty lunch at one of the restaurant on the main square and we will enjoy the peaceful local atmosphere without any rush and disturbance.

Our second destination to explore will be another UNESCO Wolrd Heritage site – the Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk on the Zelená Hora. It is another Moravian jewel. The church was constructed in honor of St. John of Nepomuk, the Czech martyr who was drowned in the Vltava river because he refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. The church was built in 18th century thanks to close and immensely fruitful cooperation of two extraordinary people – the abbot Václav Vejmluva, a big devotee of John of Nepomuk, and famous architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel. The concept of the church is very unique and very modern for its time. Santini combined the Baroque style with Gothic elements in both construction and decoration. He also featured a complex symbolism – for example the five-pointed star shape of the church should remind us the star which supposedly appeared on the sky the night Saint John of Nepomuk was killed. The number 5 is generally dominant in the layout and proportions of the church: around the edge of the interior of the church are five triangular chapels and five oval chapels. But what is the most impressive is definitely the mysterious atmosphere of this place. It is situated on the top of the hill which gives the church very dramatic vibe. Naturally you will get quieter, more sensitive and maybe even more grateful for everything in your life. 


After the tour we will get back to Prague in the evening.



UNESCO town Telč

UNESCO Church of Saint John of Nepomuk on the Zelená Hora

Telč Château

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Easy walking

Suitable for all age

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: closed shoes, waterproof jacket or umbrella and ID

Canoe coming to Cesky Krumlov

For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van


Only 2 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 10 hours

Pick up time around 8AM

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