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7 best destination to visit in the Czech Republic

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Czech Republic became a very popular tourist destination for travelers and tourist from all around the world. Most of them stay in Prague – which is a great and beautiful city but – Czech Republic has definitely much more to offer! There is a beautiful nature of national parks, snowy peaks, wild rivers, dense forest and loads of fresh air. At the other hand you will find numerous of small towns with great authenticity and most importantly - without the crowd. Here are some suggestions and tips for one day or multiple day trips which you might find handful in case you have some spare days in the Czech Republic.

Šumava national park

A great deal for nature lovers. Once restricted area - nowadays a well maintained and well preserved national park - the biggest and the oldest in the Czech Republic. 80 % of its area is covered by dense forest and that’s why it’s called the green garden of the central Europe. Moreover you can hike and visit two of the biggest natural lakes in the Czech Republic which has a glacial origin. You can also visit a place where Czech national river - Vltava springs or make a hike along beautiful river Vydra - its bubbling and calming sound makes you want to stay around forever. Šumava is great option for one day trip from Prague or multiple day tour because there are definitely many places worth to visit. Check our trips to Šumava.


The highest mountain range in the Czech Republic offers numerous of hiking trails - some of them lie on the border with Poland and they can take even few days to finish. In Krkonoše you will find the Czech highest mountain - Sněžka with its altitude of 1602 metres above sea level. It’s definitely a great hike up there but you can also take a cable car in lazy days. Both options are possible and on the top you will be awarded with amazing views to the Polish and Czech countryside. This wild region has been inhabited by the ancestors of the woodworkers who has been sent to Krnoše region to exploit the woods. Finally they fall in love with this region, they built a mountainous huts and they start to breed the cattle up there. Krkonoše are very popular nowadays as a holiday destination for ski and snowboard lovers. You can hike Sněžka with us.

Kutná hora

Kutna Hora
Kutna Hora

Once a second biggest city after Prague nowadays a sleepy town with numerous of historical monuments. The most dramatic appearance has without any doubt the Sedlec ossuary - a place where bones of 40 000 people are stored and shaped in different monuments. Kutná hora was a very rich town since 14th century due to the exploitation of silver. It became a town of miners and wealth. And so the cathedral of St. Barbara - the patron of miners - started to be built, slowly century by century. It has a typical gothic appearance but also baroque and renaissance elements. Kutná hora downtown is also very cute and worth to visit. Come to half day trip with us.


A fairy-tale town with renaissance and baroque houses with arcades and richly decorated gables, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992. The main attractions is Telč Château which is considered a jewel of Moravian Renaissance architecture and Zachariáš of Hradec Square where you can admire a beautifully cute well-preserved Renaissance houses. Our recommendation is to get a lunch in one of the restaurant nearby and just simply enjoy the local atmosphere without any rush and disturbance. The town itself hasn’t been discovered by the tourists yet so it offers great possibility to escape the crowd for a while.


Mt Jested
Mt Jested

Architectonical jewel, look-out tower, television transmitter and a trendy hotel and the restaurant – all in one. Discover a truly unique place, situated in Jizerské hory, on the north border with Germany and Poland. The walk itself to the top offers a great escape to the nature and beautiful views around to the countryside while in the tower you can admire a trendy restaurant with great Czech cuisine and futuristic interior. The architect Karel Hubáček even won a special architectural prize of Auguste Perret for this building! Our tip is to make a short walk to the top and then reward yourself with a tasty lunch in Ještěd restaurant.



Olomouc is laid-back and practically unknown town outside of the Czech Republic although it offers a beautiful city center with Unesco-protected trinity column. You will be charmed by its majestic main square and by beautiful churches along the streets. You might also visit a foundation of ancient Olomouc Caste or Archdiocesan Museum. After the necessary cultural sightseeing you can rest in one of the trendy cafés, pubs or microbreweries. During the year Olomouc get filled up by the students who attend local University which undoubtedly contribute to its cool vibe.



Without any doubt one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. Situated on the very south of the Moravia region on the border with Austria, this sleepy town offers the best relax you imagine. It’s full of historical monuments such as churches, castle or renaissance houses on the main squares. The city center has been fortified in the past and from city walls we can admire a great views to the surrounding nature and the river Dyje. It’s good base in case you want to explore more of the South Moravia. From the city you can visit a numerous of the vineyards, small wineries and cellars which provide a wine tasting of the delicious local wines. National park Podyjí with its marvelous nature is also very close and it’s a great tip for your visit.

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Aug 31, 2020

Hello. I can also highly recommend Krušné hory. We have just been here and it was so beautiful. It is perfect for the whole family. Amazing nature around and a lot of things to do.

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