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General terms and conditions for guided tours and other tourist services

These general terms and conditions govern the relationships between provider and customer in provision of guided tours and other tourist services, unless agreed otherwise.

1. Definition of terms

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A customer is an entity who entered into a guided tour or other tourist service contract with the provider.

Guided tour:
A guided tour refers to the services of a guide including inherent transport services.

Other tourist services:
Other tourist services include each individual tourist services except for the guided tour, and the combinations of the tourist services neither being a tour nor associated with the tourist service.


2. Formation of the Contract

  1. The provider organizes guided tours and other tourist services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

  2. The Service Provision Contract (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) is concluded:

    • for bids available from the Provider’s website effective upon completion of the online reservation process. The Provider shall confirm conclusion of the Contract by sending a note to the Customer’s contact e-mail address;

    • for tailored bids, a specific bid shall be arranged by the Provider based on the Customer’s demand to be sent to the Customer’s contact e-mail address, and the Contract is concluded at the moment of clear expression of the Customer’s willingness to consume the services quoted by the Provider.


3. Price of the Services

  1. The price of a service in CZK is available from the website. Final price including VAT, discounts or surcharges is displayed to the Customer in the course of the online reservation process before the Contract is concluded.

  2. Regarding the tailored bids, the Provider shall inform the Customer about final price of the services under the quotation sent to the Customer’s contact e-mail address.

  3. For international wire transfer, the price of the Service shall be regarded as paid only after crediting the whole sum to the Provider’s bank account. The Customer shall configure parameters of the wire transfer not to reduce the amount being transferred during the transfer. Upon request, the Provider shall inform the Customer about the amount due denominated in currency selected by the Customer. Identical rules of payment apply to the Provider as well.


4. Properties of the Services

Unless agreed otherwise, the following rules apply to the Services:

  1. Picking up at reception or concierge of most 3*, 4*, and 5* hotels in Prague is for free for all tours.

  2. Time and place agreed must be respected. Missed pick up due to breach of the picking up conditions creates no ground for return of money.

  3. The specified pick up time at hotel depends on traffic situation in Prague and location of the hotel. Potential delay in picking up at hotel creates no ground for any refund.

  4. Return back to hotel is for free for all tours. All special requests for transport back to the place of accommodation must be raised before the tour starts.

  5. All tours are guaranteed in English.


5. Cancellation terms and conditions

  1. The Customer may withdraw from the Contract without being obliged to pay the cancellation fee not earlier than 24 hours before the Service starts. Should the Customer withdraw from the Contract, the Provider shall refund the money without undue delay, however, not later than 14 days of the withdrawal.

  2. Any later withdrawal creates the ground for charging 100% of the price of the Service.

  3. Should the Customer do not withdraw from the Service but do not consume the ordered Services at time agreed, this situation shall be regarded as cancellation of the Service at the moment of planned start, and 100% of the price of the Service is charged.

  4. Regarding the tailored bids and multi-days tours Service, following cancellation terms applies:

a) 60 and more days before trip start date – 100% refund of the deposit

b) 59-45 days before trip start date – 50% refund of the deposit

c) 45-14 days before trip start date – 25% refund of the price

d) Less than 14 days before trip start date – no refund

  1. Regarding the tailored bids and multi-days tours, The Provider charge 20% of deposit to secure the dates of the tour and necessary arrangements. The other 80% of the price will be charged 45 days prior the first day of the Service.


6. Change to and cancellation of provision of the Service

  1. Changes to the program and prices of the Services due to unforeseen changes to opening hours of visited buildings or traffic jams are reserved.

  2. Should no service may be provided, in particular due to force majeure event, the Provider shall cancel provision of the Service, inform the Customer immediately thereof, and return the sum already paid in full not later than 14 days of cancellation.

  3. Similarly, procedure applies in case the Customer paid for the Service before confirmation thereof by the Provider, and no Service was provided.


7. Assignment of rights and obligations

The Provider shall have right to assign rights and obligations resulting from the contractual relationship to a third party.

Obligations of the Customer

  1. The Customer shall not separate from the group throughout provision of the Service and obey instructions of the guide. Separation from the group and suspension of use of the Service is not the reason for refunds.

  2. The Customer must make his/her best to avoid forgetting his/her belongings in buses, on ships, or in visited buildings. The Provider accepts no liability for these belongings.

  3. Rules for complaints

    1. Should a service be defective, the Customer must submit a complaint to the Provider without undue delay, best immediately after completion of use of the Services in the presence of the Provider.

    2. The Provider shall confirm receipt of the complaint to the Customer. The Provider shall decide the legitimacy of the complaint and claims of the Customer without undue delay, not later than 30 days, and sends their decision to the Customer’s contact e-mail address.

  4. The personal data protection

    1. The Customer is aware that the Provider shall have right for the purposes of performance of the Contract and as required by law for processing of Customer’s the personal data, in particular to the following extent: first name, family name, date of birth, passport data to the extent of the Contract (photocopy of the passport in case of provision of specific services), bank details, residential address, or other contact address, e-mail address, phone, flight number, PNR code of flight’s reservation, data about allergies, medicines, and other health ailments.

    2. The Customer acknowledges that the Provider shall process his/her the personal data to the extent of first name, family name, residential address, phone number, and e-mail address in order to distribute business information. The Provider may send the business information by SMS, MMS, e-mail, mail, or phone. The Customer may object sending of the business information at any time either at the Provider’s address or sending e-mail to the following e-mail address:

    3. The provisions above shall apply appropriately to relationships with persons in favor of which the Customer entered the Contract (fellow travelers). The Customer declares by attending Provider’s Service that he/she has right to grant the consents on behalf of the fellow travelers based on either contractual or other representation.

  1. Final provisions

    1. Matters not stipulated explicitly herein shall be governed by the Czech laws, in particular applicable provisions of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., as amended.

    2. Czech laws and relevant competent Czech courts are the courts of the jurisdiction.

The present general terms and conditions shall be valid and effective for contracts concluded after 1 February 2020.

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