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Why You Should Visit Cesky Krumlov in Winter

Cesky Krumlov, an adorable medieval town just a few hours south of Prague. This town gets crowded with tourists in the summer. But in the off-season? No crowds! Which is why you should visit Cesky Krumlov in winter.

Private tour, anyone?

Of course, the best part of smaller crowds is having more of the town to yourself. And that is certainly the case of private tours. It’s a great way to get your bearings in a city, learn about the culture and history while walking throughout the streets of Cesky Krumlov and the castle.

The Máj Viewpoint
Winter fairytale in Cesky Krumlov

Picture perfect

Castle, meandering river Vltava, cosy small streets, snowy rooftops of the houses. This is just few points you will love to watch in Cesky Krumlov in the wintertime. You will notice a crisp chill in the air which made the whole town seem refreshed and awake. Pictures of Cesky Krumlov blanketed in snow look even more magical! So, if you visit in the winter, you might get to take these fairy-tale views of a medieval town covered in white.

Plus, nothing ruins a good picture more than a ton of people holding up selfie sticks and blocking the view. You will have an entire viewpoint to yourselves

Cute cafe culture

Adding to the charm of Cesky Krumlov is the super cute cafe culture. No matter how long you dedicate to this town, you’ll likely have time for at least one coffee and pastry break. Turn off the main square and you’ll find several cute cafes where you can enjoy a great drink and pastry. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a wintery day!

Castle Kašperk
Cesky Krumlov in winter coat

Bonus: Christmas Market

If you’re visiting in December, you will experience Christmas market on the main square. The best way to make a charming medieval town even cuter is to throw some holiday festivities on top!

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