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What do you imagine when somebody says Christmas?

Snow - beautiful Christmas decoration - Christmas markets - sweets - mulled wine - carols?

All those things we can combine in one day. Don’t you believe us? Then let’s try…


In the morning we will take you to the beautiful top of the Ještěd mountain with the Ještěd tower which is the symbol of the whole mountain range - Jizerské hory. We can either stop on the parking lot and climb the hill to the top or we can use a cable car from Horní Hanychov - all depends on your wish and possibilities.The whole area is very popular for downhill skiers and snowboarders so you will see the snow, we can promise! 


The Ještěd tower was built based on the project of architect Karel Hubaček in between 1966 - 1973 and it replaced an old mountainous stone cabin which was burned down in 1966. Ještěd - besides the 100 meters high television tower - comprises also a futuristic hotel and restaurant. The construction took 10 years and it was almost stopped in 1968 due to the political and social events in former Czechoslovakia. But, fortunately in 1973 the construction finished and frankly it is truly a gem. Mr. Hubáček was even awarded the Auguste Perret prize for it.  - And you will be awarded as well - with the views all over the nature nearby. You can even compare the countryside of Poland, Germany and the Czech republic! We will tell you all about the history of this place, why it means so much for the people from the Liberec region and - of course - we will have a lunch at the restaurant. You can expect truly traditional czech cuisine with a modern touch and of course - very interesting design of the interior. 


After the lunch we will take you to the traditional Bohemian glass factory. Historically Bohemian glass is famous worldwide and we are very proud of this handcraft. Our time is getting faster and faster - things are made by  machines, used and thrown away. But yet there are still some places where people create things by hand, with focus and awareness and most importantly - with love. We will show you how the glass is made, what's the tradition of this amazing craft and of course - you will be able to buy something. Maybe a small present for you. Well why not, it’s a Christmas time!


And yes, during the winter time, days gets shorter. By the already dark pre-evening we will get back to Prague. Our tour will finish in beautiful Christmas markets of Old town square - with Christmas carols, sweets, decoration and mulled wine. We will tell you about czech Christmas traditions and show you the traditional czech craft products. And at the end - we will just wish you Merry Christmas! 



Mt. Ještěd with high possibility of snow

Christmas market in Old Town Square, Prague

Bohemian glass factory

Stunnig views from the top of Mt. Ještěd

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Easy walk up to 3 hours

Suitable for all age

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: warm clothes, camera and good mood


For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van



Only 1,5 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 10 hours

Pick up time around 8:30AM

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