Chalupská Slať - natural peat-bog

Are you ready for some nature hikes? Do you feel like you need some fresh air? Do you want to stretch your legs a little? In that case, this trip is just perfect for you. We will guide you to the heart of Šumava national park, where the forests are still quit and mysterious and where the nature will charm you with its powerful, raw but still fairytale atmosphere. Šumava’s deep forests were restricted area during last communist regime in Czech Republic and people were not allowed to visit them. That’s why they retained its rare beauty and purity. Šumava is truly a gem; you can find here deep forests, crystal-clear glacial lakes, mountain rural villages. Moreover, Šumava national park is home to many endangered animals and plants. Šumava national park was well deservedly declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

During our tour we will visit two of the glacier lakes – Black and Devil’s lake which are connected with hiking trail about 9 km long. The forrest road well accessible and partly even sealed. It is surrounded by beautiful old forest which offer a great smell and a balm for your soul. After approx. 4 km walk you will reach the Black lake  which is the largest and the deepest lake in the Šumava national park. Its name comes from the black looking surface of the water which gives the lake a dramatic appearance. This characteristic black surface is actually the result of the dark sediment on the bottom of the lake and the reflection of the dark woods that surround the lake. After the small break and few snaps taken we will continue to the Devil’s lake which is little bit harder to reach. The road continues steeper up but doesn’t represent any harm even for occasional hikers. The effort you spent will be definitely worth it and you won’t regret it. Devil’s lake offers a wonderful view and the beautiful reflection as well. It has a mystical vibe and the legend says it has been named by the devil itself.


After the hike we will make a stop for a lunch in a beautiful village Modrava. Traditional Czech meal with vegetarian option is provided plus a great view from the restaurant terrasse in sunny days is guaranteed. After the lunch we will visit one of the natural peat-bogs - Chalupská slať - a place very typical for this region. Peat- bogs in the Šumava national park formed during the last glacial period and they offer a great example of the past natural process. We will have a look and walk along the wooden-foot pathways. Chalupská slať is magical and the quietness all around is very powerful.



Black (The largest natural lake in Czechia) & Devil's Lake

One of the natural peat-bogs: Chalupská slať

Typical mountain architecture

Stunning views along your walks

Local guide

Typical local lunch


Intermediate walk up to 3 hours

Very well maintained path

Perfect for family trip 

Bring with you: closed shoes, waterproof jacket or umbrella and ID

Black Lake


Only 2,5 hours from Prague

Total trip duration 12-13 hours

Pick up time arround 7:30AM

For 149 €/person


Transportation  - door to door service

Tasty local meal, vegetarian option

Local guide

Free water & snack

Free wifi in van

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