Learn about the era of Communist Czechoslovakia and explore the stunning scenery of Šumava National Park.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing wilderness, one of the most remote places in the Czech Republic. Escape the busy city of Prague and you explore the area’s beautiful surroundings.



  • Comunism Tour - Monument of an iron curtain

  • Enjoy 9 Kms hike through breathtaking nature of Šumava national park and a delicious local lunch

  • Downhill ride on the touring scooter

  • Stunning panoramatic views to peaks of south Šumava and even Alps!











Have you ever wondered how the Communist Czechoslovakia looked like? Do you want to learn more about this part of the history, and do you want to experience how it felt?

In this case, this tour is perfect for you. We will take you to the Šumava national park, far from the noises of the towns, to the deep forested area where the World was split into the West and East part. We will explain you all about the communist history and we will go even further. Because this area played a big role also before the second WW. We will show you the old military bunkers and other defenses. All in the backdrop of amazing Šumava national park.

We will head to Kvilda village, one of the best known and traditional village in the park. From there we will continue hiking 9 km to reach the border with Germany where the former village Bučina was situated. The road is sealed, and the terrain is mild, so you don’t need any special physical conditions required to get there.

Bučina is a former village which lies on the border with Germany. Its importance dates back to the 18th and 19th century when it formed an important crossroad village of Czech and German farmers. After the WWII. the village was affected by the same fate as many villages in Czechoslovakian borders. German population was expelled and Czech population was forced to move to some other parts of the country. In 1956 the village has been destroyed and the long stripe of border between the west and east block became a land of nobody with only few soldiers and policemen who guarded that nobody will ever cross the border and leave the communist Czechoslovakia.   

As a memory of this events there was established a monument of an iron curtain, a 100 meter well maintained section with barbed wire and a watchtower. We can imagine how the Iron Curtain looked like: the approximately 20 meters wide strip with barbed wire fences, set in wide sections in the deep forests which lined the entire border with Austria and Germany. The wire barriers were under high voltage, barbed wire blades laid down on the ground and on some parts of the border explosive were even installed. The curtain lasted out until 1989 velvet revolution when the first wires were cut down. For almost 40 years, Šumava national park was isolated from all civilization interferences. That’s why it retained it magnificent beauty which we can admire now.  


For the lunch you can expect traditional Czech meal and magnificent views to peaks of south Šumava and even Alps!



  • Transporation door to door service

  • Tasty lunch, vegeterian option avalabile

  • Alcoholic/soft drink with lunch

  • Touring scooter

  • Local tour guide



I had been in Prague for a few days and decided to spend my last day escaping and seeing a different side of the Czech Republic. Marek was the perfect guide; experienced, friendly, spoke English well and had a clear love for where he lives. The hike was not too difficult and afterwards we had lunch at the perfect place with options for everyone's preferences. I highly recommend this trip and Marek as a guide.

Jennifer, USA

Sep 2019



We visited the Sumava in December 2019 with Czechia Tours and it was one of the most beautiful experiences my husband and I have. It is very much recommended!! A very special time of the year when the landscape was magical and breathtaking. The time we spent and the program Czechia Tours set for us was out of this world.
Looking forward for going back in Czechia.

Soad, Lebanon

Dec 2019