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The Best of Czechia - 10 days tour itinerary

Updated: Mar 6

The Czechia is home to majestic castles, medieval towns, and beautiful landscapes. We promise this is a country that will amaze you! The capital city Prague is world-famous but it is even better to stay more days to discover more: a beautiful spa town, fairy-tale villages, winding rivers, and fascinating culture! Plan your route around the Czechia with our 10 days itinerary. The trip covers a perfect mixture of big cities, charming towns, beautiful nature, and fun activities.

Day 1-3: Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czechia, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world each year. Its popularity is no surprise, with its extraordinary skyline of thousands of spires, and historical buildings. Spend a few days here absorbing the beauty of this majestic city.

Tip: Take a boat and cruise on Vltava River by dusk. You can also order a romantic dinner on the boat!

The Máj Viewpoint
Map 10 days itinerary

Day 4: Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a stunning spa city that is home to hot mineral springs, picturesque colonnades, and extraordinary mansions. It even has a spectacular cinematic history, as the setting for movies like ‘James Bond’. Enjoy wandering through timeless and romantic Karlovy Vary!

Tip: Taste Becherovka, a traditional Czech liquor.

Day 5-6: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is a town out of a fairy-tale; sat on the bend of a meandering river, with medieval cobbled streets, and a majestic castle. It even has UNESCO status because of its incredible preservation of historical buildings.

Tip: Once you’ve finished with sightseeing, enjoy some kayaking on the river Vltava. This might easily become a favourite during your Czechia Route.

Castle Kašperk
Cesky Krumlov

Day 7: Znojmo

Visit this historic town with its numerous churches, all surrounded by mediaeval city walls. The town has preserved its historical look and is full of crooked lanes, romantic views and picturesque nooks and crannies. Znojmo is also the centre of a well-known wine region, so why not take the time to sample some of the local produce?

Tip: visit a wine cellar and taste some local Riesling, Veltlín or Muller Thurgau.

Day 8: Mikulov

You will hardly find a town with a more beautiful position than Mikulov. It is spread on the last hills of the Pálava Mountains and surrounded by vineyards. Wonder in its romantic streets, visit a Mikulov Chateau and end your day by sipping a local wine.

Tip: Climb up to Svatý Kopeček to see all the vineyard area around.

Day 9: Lednice – Valtice Complex

Visit chateaus and palaces, colonnades, a man-made ruin, lakes, roads, and many small romantic structures – in the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, which is also called the Garden of Europe. It is the largest landscape park in the world registered as a UNESCO site.

Tip: While visiting the Lednice garden, take a boat ride to the minaret. Unique place with remarkable views.

Day 10: Kroměříž

Out of the beaten track: visit Kroměříž, one of the most beautiful cities in the Czechia. It has a picturesque historical city, town houses and arcades, the monumental archbishop’s chateau and the wonderful gardens spreading out around. Don’t miss this city of the splendour and spectacular beauty which is sometimes called the Athens of Haná.

Tip: Don’t miss to visit the flower garden which has been inscribed to UNESCO heritage list.

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