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  • Marvel at the beautiful UNESCO protected historic center of Telc, renaissance and baroque houses with arcades and majestic Telč Château 

  • Admire UNESCO old Jewish quarter: a setup of 123 preserved houses and Basilica of St. Procopius in Trebic

  • Visit one of the oldest wine towns in Czechia - Znojmo 

  • Discover unique landescape in National Park Podyji

  • Visit amazing, UNESCO protected Lednice-Valtice Culture Landscape,

  • Private tour 2-8 people



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Start and end in Prague. With the discovery Moravian UNESCO tour - 3 Days, you have a 3 day tour package taking you through the 5 best sights in Moravia. Moravia UNESCO Tour - 3 Days includes accommodation as well as an local guide, meals, transport and more and all this in small groups, max. 6 people per group.

Start and end in Prague! With the Active Adventure tour To the Moravian UNESCO heritage sites - 3 days tour - max. 6 people, you have a 3 days tour package taking you through Prague, Czech Republic and 4 other destinations in Czech Republic. To the Moravian UNESCO heritage sites - 3 days tour - max. 6 people includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.



From Prague we will head to Telč, a fairy tale town situated in the Moravia. The town center was inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List in 1992 and it represents a great architectural jewel. The history of this laid-back town dates back to the 12th century but after the big fire, which hit the town in the 16th century, the whole city center had to be renovated again. Therefore, you can admire a majestic Telč Château and beautiful renaissance and baroque houses with arcades and richly decorated gables built at the main square. Their vibrant colors and beautiful patters will charm you. Later on we will explore the fishponds and the city gates around the city center.

The second town, which we will visit, is Třebíč, a town with three UNESCO heritage sites! Firstly, we will start with an old Jewish quarter: a setup of 123 preserved houses. These include two synagogues, the Jewish town hall, hospital and two schools. We will tell you the story of the Jewish community in Třebíč, which grew the most dynamically in 18th century. Later on, we will visit the Basilica of St. Procopius, which is also on the UNESCO heritage site list. The Basilica dates back to 13th century and it is the first example of western architecture in central Europe. The main door has incredibly detailed stone carvings and there are wonderful golden artworks inside. The basilica is actually situated very close to the Jewish quarter and so we can learn about the peaceful co-existence between Jews and The Christians at that time. The last monument listed as a UNESCO world heritage site is the Jewish cemetery, just over the hill from the Jewish quarter. Definitely unique place with quite an atmosphere! All those three monuments are recognized by UNESCO as an important cultural site but more importantly, they demonstrate an unusual religious tolerance between the Jewish and Christians from the middle Ages until the 20th century. History has a lot to teach us after all, doesn’t it?


  • Guided tour at UNESCO old Jewish quarter: a setup of 123 preserved houses and Basilica of St. Procopius in Třebíč

  • Guied tour at the beautiful UNESCO protected historic center of Telc and majestic Telč Château 


Second day we will start the tour in the one of the most beautiful Moravian town – Znojmo. Situated on the very south of the Moravia region on the border with Austria, this sleepy town offers the best relax you imagine. This town has incredibly rich history, which is declared by many historical building in the center. We will go through the two main squares; we will visit the town hall, the St. Mikulas Church, we will wonder in the narrow romantic streets of the old town. As we reach the old fortification walls, we will enjoy great views to the surrounding nature and the river Dyje. 

In the afternoon, we will visit National park Podyjí, which is characterized by extraordinary scenery of rocky cliffs, forested hills, headland with wild horses and meandering river Dyje. Firstly, we will make a wine tasting accompanied with marvelous views around the vineyards nearby and later on, we will make a walking circle in the valley along the river Dyje.


  • Guided Tour at the most beautiful Moravian town – Znojmo. Town with rich history, which is declared by many historical building in the center. 

  • Visit National park Podyjí


On a third day we will visit amazing Lednice-Valtice Culture Landscape, located very close to the Austrian borders. This largest artificial landscape started to be built in between the 17th and 20th century by powerful Liechtenstein family. It contains two impressive chateaux of Lednice and Valtice and wonderful garden landscape. Baroque architecture is highly prevalent but the castles feature also details in neo-Gothic style. The countryside was fashioned using the romantic principles of English landscape architecture. During the 2WW, Nazis took the whole property away from the Liechtenstein because the family refuse to collaborate. Nowadays Czech Government keeps it as state property. The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, as one of the treasures of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage, and was inscribed in its list in 1996.

Our tour will commence in Valtice, where we will firstly visit the small town and the Church of Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Assumption of the Virgin Mary). Later on, we will visit the Baroque chateau and its gardens. If you will be interested, we can also visit château cellars where we will taste the wines on offer at the Czech Republic Wine Salon.

Before heading to Lednice we will stop and visit the Temple of the three Graces, 

The tour will finish in Lednice with a walk around the château garden. We will walk through the French gardens until we will reach the the English. After crossing the bridge, we will visit the minaret from where it is a marvelous view. Lovers of the exotic will have their breath taken away by the palm greenhouse. 

Evening transfer to Prague.


  • Walking tours through the beautiful UNESCO Lednice-Valtice Culture Landscape

  • Visit of Mikulov

  • Transfer back to Prague

Hotel in Znojmo


Hotel in Znojmo

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  • Accommodation

    2 nights accommodation is provided in 3★ and 4★ hotels in double or twin rooms with en-suite facilities

    Single travelers have the option to pay a single supplement to ensure a private room

  • Guide

       For the best experience you will have local guide at your service 24/7.

  • Meals

    You have provided breakfast at your hotels.

    Lunch/dinner is not included, but we will take you to the best possible restaurants in the sites where local meals from local ingredients are prepared. Vegetarian/vegan option is possible upon your request.

  • Transport

    We will travel in a small group up to 6 people in air-conditioned mini-van.

  • Additional Services

    All taxes and fees

    5 Experiences (including guided walking tours, orientation walks, plus other exciting experiences)

        Entrence fees: Jewsih Museum Trebic and Basilika, Lednice Chateau, Znojmo Undreground​

  • Not included

Meals - besides of the meals mentioned above




Flights - can be arranged upon request with additional cost

Whats included



Thank you, Czechia Tours for your Moravian UNESCO heritage sites - 3 days tour. The highlight of my time in Czechia. Marek was a fabulous tour guide, Not only for his insights into the area's geography, cultural and social histories. But also sharing his passion for local food and wine. I came way feeling I really had been immersed in the Moravian countryside. Marek's relaxed manner, sense of humour and genuine interest in his clients made for a thoroughly enjoyable three day excursion. Highly recommended.

David Australia

Aug 2023



Really good overview of Czech sights and history

Really good overview of Czech sights and history, the locations to stop in were well chosen. Fillip was an excellent guide with a very good grasp of both Czech history and where it fit into wider European history. Also willing to take you a little off programme to see other areas of interest

Paul, Australia

Jun 2022



Great personal tour. We were able to see a whole lot in short amount of time and still had time to relax and enjoy great Czech Pivo. The pace was perfect. Marek knew all the great local places to eat. He has his guide license and was able to take us on amazing rafting trip in Ceske Krumlov. He is also very flexible in the itinerary and was able to adjust on the fly. We felt that we were in good hands the whole time. He found us some amazing wineries and places to sample multiple wines. He timed the trip where we hit a local festival at one of the UNESCO villages

Bradley, USA

Jan 2024


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