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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

South Bohemia is a dream destination for your holidays whether you decide to spend your time by sightseeing or relaxing. It offers not only beautiful natural sites and historical monuments but great conditions for sport activities such as cycling, cross country skiing or canoeing as well.

South Bohemia is truly a gem when it comes to unique and rich architecture and culture. Every visitor will be impressed how enlightened must the local noble families have been and how talented their artists and craftsmen have been. They will all be amazed by age-old towns, grand Gothic churches, dreamy Renaissance castles, medieval monasteries and unique folk village architecture. As the best examples of this cultural heritage we can consider fairytale town Český krumlov and traditional village Holašovice, which have been both listed on the UNESCO heritage sites. Český Krumlov will undoubtedly charms you with picturesque cobblestone streets, local markets and shops with traditional crafts, arts and souvenirs, meandering Vltava river and dominant Castle which peaks above the town. At the other hand, Holašovice offers an unique experience of Peasant Baroque architecture, with traditional colours, shapes and patterns of the houses. And we can not forget to mention other wonders of the region: beautiful chateau of Hluboká or gothic castle of Zvíkov which peaks high on a cliff above the Vltava river. South Bohemia region will definitely amaze you with its rich heritage which illustrates the history of the previous generations.

The region has remained untouched by major modern industry and thus got well preserved in a great condition.

The next South Bohemian wonder is the nature. The region has remained untouched by major modern industry and thus got well preserved in a great condition. We can admire the sophisticated pond system near historical town Třeboň where we can either take a slow walk, relaxing cycling tour along the canals or we might be part of the famous fish harvest in autumn. If you look for unspoiled nature, deep forests and crystal clear lakes, seek šumava national park. Once a restrained area where civilians were not allowed, nowadays well preserved national park with numerous natural beauties and the silence. You can either enjoy a refreshing walk along the Black and Devil’s lake, explore the canyon of the river Vydra with huge granite stones or visit one of the unique peat bogs. Another great nature destination might be Novohradské hory or Blanský les with rugged mountains which will serve as an authentic experience.

Adventure and sport seekers will also find something interesting in the region of South Bohemia. Lipno reservoir is very famous among water sport enthusiasts. You can either try yachting, windsurfing or sea kayaking in the gentle waves of the reservoir or you can rent a bike and explore the area from the land. The cyclist and bikers will also enjoy forest roads in šumava national park, Novohradské hory or around the Třeboň ponds. The great possibility how to explore the region is also from the canoe while rafting the river Vltava. The easiest way is to start in Vyšší Brod and paddle up to český Krumlov, the mecca of all canoeists. It’s really a fun and something like a czech summer ritual.

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